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On the 15 th of March 1989 a Star was born to the Adedeji family. He was named Olamide which literarily means “Wealth has come”. No doubt that name was given to the 22 year old more in hope than certainty, well ladies and gentlemen the prophecy has come to pass. A year and some into his professional music career, Olamide has become a house hold name and just in case you don’t know who he is I suggest you google ENI DURO.  ENI DURO; the breakout single from his Debut Album has become an anthem for the streets, clubs, lecture halls and conference room.
Armed with only his pen and paper, the 300 level mass communication part time student of Tai Solarin University has released what is without a doubt an outstanding debut album. Titled RapSoDi Olamide’s 1 st offering is a 16 tracker. Sometime in 2000, Olamide decided he would like to pursue a career in music. When asked why music the Fast rising Rap Artiste says “I found out I was gifted in it so I had to explore it, it’s my life, my hustle, my world”. In 2010 fresh faced Olamide performed on arguably the biggest stage in the Nigerian Music scene; “The Hip Hop World Awards”.
Olamide’s road to fame is one for the history books, this time one year ago he was  a regular kid growing up in the Heart of Lagos Mainland; Bariga. Even though Olamide insists he is still that Bariga boy a lot haschanged in his life. Today he is Olamide a Recording Artiste signed onto ID CABASA’s CODED TUNEZ Record label and managed byIndustry heavy weight Toni Payne. Make no mistake his celebrity status was not handed to him on a silver platter, an immense amount of hard work and pure unbridled talent is responsible for the man we see today.
The un-assuming Olamide has performed at almost every major event in Lagos this year and continues to headline shows left right andcenter. What is it about Olamide that has made him a fans’ favourite? Olamide raps in a unique blend of Yoruba and English with lyrics that will leave the listener both speechless andintrigued. Olamide’s dexterityis one of the many things that endear him to his fans. One minute he is delivering his rap in fluent English and the next he switches effortlessly into Yoruba. Ambitious Olamide will tell youhe is still on his way there and if given a chance would fancy collaborations with International Superstars; Jay-Z, Ludacris, Drake,

Olamide is a Nigerian rapper.He is known for his versatilerap style, free spirited delivery and creative lyrical ability.
Born Olamide Adedeji on the 15 of March, in Bariga Lagos.Olamide fell in love with Rap music early in his primary school days.Soon, hediscovered he also had the talent to Rap and began to nurture the talent from the year 2000.He got his break after the release of the monster hit single Eni Duro in2010 and ever since, it’s been a success story all the way.
In this interview, he talks about his life, new album andworking relationship with Toni Payne.
Tell us about the reviews onyour new album Rapsodi ?
Everything has been on check, good responses; the album has been doing well onthe streets and everywhere.The first video off the album Eni Duro is great and the video for Omo To Shan with Whiz kid is almost done and then after, the plan is to shoot a couple of more videos from the album.
Why do people compare you to Dagrin?
I think it might be because I can flow well in Yoruba, if you remember when Dagrin started some people were like have you heard Dagrin he raps like Ajasa.I think withtime as people get to listen to my album they’ll understand this is Olamide and his own style. No one can be like Dagrin he was theGreatest Artistes to come outof Nigeria. I am just trying to do my own thing my own way and with the message I try topass across with my music people will start seeing me as my real self.
Tell us about your experience on the set of your video Eni Duro?
I would really love to win an award for the video cuz it took us four days to get the video done. I was really stressed out that I had to goget clothes from here and there.
Dj Tee is a very professional director; he ensures that will make use ofthe best costumes. I had to get about 40 different costumes; we eventually make use of 27 of them. It was so hectic but we thank God that the outcome was great.
How do you manage the attention you get from fans?
So far it has been fun, cool and at the same time taking me away from the everyday life I love living; like staying out on the streets, hanging out with my friends, going to eat in Bukas.Right now, I can’t go to Bukas to eat cos even when I try it my friendswill caution me.
Olamide who is presently studying Mass Communicationat the Tai Solarin College of Education also reveals that him working with Toni Payne has been really great, cos my dreams are coming true.
Any future collaboration?
Right now, there is only one person on my mind; and that is 2face Idibia; am dying to work with him

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